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Why we do what we do

Inspired by the new Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland and understanding that curriculums across the globe were modernising, Flummix® developed a series of creative and innovative workshops specifically designed for the 21st century classroom. The Flummix® Learning FX™ workshops combine skills-based learning in the Arts with STEM subjects to create rich learning experiences that are engaging, challenging and memorable!

Solving self-working magic tricks is about computational thinking and performing magic tricks can have a massive improvement on social skills including self-confidence, concentration and empathy.

All quality workshops are designed to add value to the curriculum, help teachers become magic weavers, engage learners and are supported with a wide range of online products.

How we do it

Each course is designed around The Flummix® Learning FX™ System which is the method applied to the discovery learning process. Building upon the natural curiosity of “How do you do that?” each course is designed around well-structured enquiry to encourage engagement and make meaning from direct experience.

By giving the learner the opportunity to explore the processes involved and make new connections that are not normally associated, every course is engineered to develop skills in problem solving, creativity and higher order thinking.

FX Courses

Computer Science FX

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Numeracy FX

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Internet Literacy FX

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Skills for Learning FX

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What Learners Say

educational magic maths magic

educational magic maths magic

What Teachers Say

Numeracy FX

I am totally convinced that using magic to help teach numbers will capture the imagination of my learners.  A whole room of maths teachers were enthralled with Jody and his box of tricks.  New ways to introduce topics, and a wonderful alternative approach to assessment - by asking learners to perform a magic trick!  An opportunity for learners to use their maths, and improve their numeracy.

Kirsti Dower
Curriculum Leader for Maths

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