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Arithmetrix Maths Show

An action packed, interactive and super fun show

Code breaking, symbology and numerology workshop

Total Recall Memory Workshop

A memory masterclass that has immediate results

Stem Antics Presentation

Awesome presentation for Performance Arts v STEM

Learning FX STEM Workshops

Computer Science, Numeracy, Internet Safety and more

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Free collection of STEM workshops that you can use

STEM Workshops & STEAM Learning

The Flummix workshops, shows and presentations successfully unite the Performance Arts and STEM subjects to create memorable and meaningful STEAM learning experiences. We specialise in creating a unique form of educational entertainment that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths to develop skills in creativity, computational thinking and confidence!  We inspire learners to make new connections, new ways of thinking and new discoveries. Our mission is to help learners unlock their potential and inspire a life time of learning.

Numeracy FX Keynote – I just wanted to email to say how much I enjoyed your presentation this afternoon at the Learning Conference. I have never been a big maths fan, or been confident in teaching the subject in the early years which is probably down to my own experience at school. My whole class were made to stand up and the teacher fired times table questions at us, if you got the answer correct you were allowed to sit back down… I spent the majority of that year standing! The thought of it still terrifies me. It was amazing to see you make maths interesting and enjoyable, and I will definitely be attempting more “magical maths” from now on. Many thanks, again.


Carrieanne Donoghue 


Flummix STEM & STEAM Workshops are Designed to…

✓ Help improve numeracy skills and attainment levels for your students

✓ Engage learners with memorable STEM & STEAM learning experiences that are exciting and entertaining

✓ Create unique learning experiences that have real life STEM applications

✓ Make a difference to your student’s learning by making computational thinking magical and super fun

✓ Help improve your student’s communication skills, develop more confidence, self-esteem and empathy

✓ Inspire creativity with the introduction of new ideas, concepts and discoveries

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