Arithmetrix Show for Schools

Arithmetrix inspires learners to appreciate numeracy in a completely unique and memorable way. School Show & Workshop mainly for Level 2 & 3: P5 – S1

Show: 45 mins

Ideal for a class size of 20 so that everybody is actively involved and participates.

Show + Workshop: 2.5 Hours

The workshop reinforces the learning with a range of fun and powerful numeracy related activities.

Arithmetrix for Schools

When kids become engaged with numbers, they experience a magical transformation which can greatly improve their attainment level!

ARITHMETRIX is an action packed, interactive and super fun show that makes numbers trick-tastic! Unlike anything else, this is educational entertainment for 21st century learners.

The great news for you – your students will be having SO MUCH FUN that they won’t even realise they are learning! ARITHMETRIX entertains, engages and educates all at once.

This super charged, number nitro show teaches tricks of the trade and thinking skills… by stealth!

Awesome ARITHMETRIX provides a completely unique, unforgettable and magical experience. Watch as your kids become inspired and empowered in their quest to become a Number Ninja!

Who would believe numbers could be so much fun?

Number Ninja Notebook

As well as being part of a highly beneficial magic experience, each pupil in attendance will also receive the Number Ninja Notebook with resources and full descriptions to encourage further learning opportunities! Workshop participants will also receive a copy of The Ninja Bonus Book & The Ninja Workbook!

Teachers will be provided with additional support material for future lessons. Arithmetrix (Be A Number Ninja!) is an official Jody Greig creation and Flummix® production.

We had 35 students in the Arithmetrix show today… it was absolutely magic! The most amazing thing was the pupil who put his hand up and stepped forward to reveal the answer. This pupil does not engage with numbers or maths in anyway. It was amazing to see how engaged he was and the level of computational thinking that he demonstrated. Fantastic to see this!

Primary Teacher

“It’s possibly the only time I’ve had pupils asking for a workbook to complete their homework!” 

Michael Scott

Deputy Head, Musselburgh Grammar School

arithmetrix dvd

Perform Arithmetrix (Be A Number Ninja!)

✓  User Guide
✓  DVD with Full Show Performance
✓  Over 1 Hour of Discussion
✓  Educational Support Material
✓  Number Ninja Notebook
✓  Marketing Tips
✓  Arithmetrix Logo & Flyer
✓  Performers Notes
✓  Bonus Material

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