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Computer Science FX eBook

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Computer Science FX eBook is a collection of creative workshops that combine the art of magic with key principles of computer science to engage learners and develop skills in computational thinking. Building upon the natural curiosity of “How do you do that?” each workshop is designed around well-structured enquiry to encourage engagement and make meaning from direct experience. Computer Science FX promotes enquiry based learning that is enjoyable, challenging and insightful.


Computational Thinking and Creativity

Solving magic tricks is about computational thinking and performing magic tricks encourages interaction, self-confidence, concentration and empathy. Computer Science FX uses experiential learning to discover the scientific principles at work whilst also developing skills in computational creativity.


All magic tricks are easy to learn and entertaining to perform. There is no sleight of hand or difficult ‘moves’. You can have great fun whilst you demonstrate your apparent super powers of mind reading, thought control and precognition! Enjoy presenting your wonderful ‘skills’ in suggestion, mathematics and memory! Imagine being able to…

Display your skills in precognition and predict an exact match of a spectator’s selection.
What does this have to do with binary?

Demonstrate your well-honed skills in suggestion and force all of the audience to choose the same card.
What does this have to do with artificial intelligence?

Prove that your spectator has psychic ability.
What does this have to do with algorithms, variables and loops?

Demonstrate that you are a mathematical genius.
What does this have to do with computer programming?

Predict a randomly generated lottery number.
What does this have to do with social networking and infographics?

Workshop Support

All workshops are supported with suggested activities, learning intentions, links to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, tips on presentation and detailed analysis of the scientific principles at work. They have been designed to incorporate a variety of teaching methodologies and inspire inter-disciplinary learning.

By combining ideas from magic and computer science, learners can enjoy rich, relevant and memorable learning experiences. Computer Science FX packs small and plays big!

Who is this book for?

Computer science teachers, educators, students, hobbyist magicians and parents! Computer science teachers and educators can use the comprehensive learning materials and lesson plans to create rich, engaging and memorable learning experiences. Students can use the material in this book to create their own exciting projects whilst hobbyist magicians can learn some really powerful yet easy to do magic tricks. Parents may prefer this option when buying magic sets for their children due to the educational content.

Book Structure

Chapter 1: HCI & Pattern Recognition
Chapter 2: Binary & Decomposition
Chapter 3: Algorithms
Chapter 4: Generalisation
Chapter 5: Abstraction

In total, there are twelve workshops that are catagorised by the chapter heading. Each workshop has its own unique magic trick with learning materials that are organised into the following structure:

Learning Intentions
Experiences & Outcomes
The Presentation
The Knowledge
The Computer Science
Extended Tasks

There are two workshops complete with learning materials in this section. Each workshop is a fun and interactive classroom activity.

A collection of lateral thinking puzzles that are great for classroom

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