Scrapbox Challenge STEM
Teams compete in an innovative full day STEM workshop. Maximum 60 students and 5 per team can take on the amazing Scrapbox Challenge

Scrapbox Challenge

Scrapbox Challenge is a completely unique and rich challenge that unites STEM with creativity and real world 21st century skills. It has been specially designed to include all the skills you would need when successfully working in teams. In order to succeed in Scrapbox challenge, students will have to work together and deal with a range of tasks and issues including..

Budget constraints
Time management
Equipment resources
Waste management

Once the organiser has identified areas of interest, the format of the challenge is then devised to maximise the learning outcomes in these areas.

Full Day STEM Challenge

Up to 60 students in teams of 5 compete against each other to deliver a fully working product which meets the client’s brief. Before the event, the brief will be agreed to create a relevant theme for your school.

The full day programme is broken down into segments relating to each of the aspects of a real world business challenge.

  • Training
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Building
  • Prototyping
  • Refinement
  • Presentation
  • After action review analysis

By appointing roles not normally undertaken by individuals, educators can clearly monitor how well individuals act and react to; new challenges, new working relationships, pressure brought on by; time, budget and resource restrictions, and the need to communicate with team members and competitors clearly and succinctly.

Teachers can then use their own observations to identify areas for improvement by referring to the results teams achieve, to give real-time feedback with learning outcomes that directly (and indirectly) relate to improved working relationships and ultimately better integrated and more motivated students who understand and appreciate the need to communicate with others, but often more importantly with their peers.

Scrapbox Challenge uses recycled materials where possible and waste is re purposed to make sure that we are supporting the environment and encouraging responsible  learners.


Historically, companies have been purchasing Team Building activities and Team development programmes fro staff training. However many providers work on the assumption that all delegates will be working together on future projects, which is rarely the case.

The tasks on offer suit very specific categories i.e. Lateral thinking, creativity, communication etc etc. However few if any create scenarios with long lasting, tangible learning out comes… Until NOW!

Scrapbox Challenge has proven to be a valuable tool in industry and is now, for the first time, avialable for schools. 

Previous Client include..

  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Scottish Amicable
  • Seadrill (Brazil)
  • Pfizer
  • Microsoft (Scotland)

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