Total Recall Memory Workshop
50 minute workshop with immediate results! Equally beneficial for learners & teachers

Total Recall Memory Masterclass

The best memory techniques are simple but remarkably powerful: they use mental imagery to make information meaningful and memorable. Total Recall memory masterclass uses these principles to give you superhero like powers. Immediately!

“It was like getting superhero powers: I was Memo-Man. I could learn words, numbers, facts, lists, names, ideas, essays, skills. All because I knew a few simple tricks of the mind – and I was determined enough to put them into action.”

Jonathan Hancock

Memory champion and primary teacher

Once attendees understand that they don’t have a bad memory, they have an untrained memory, their achievements and results are immediate!

Developing Memory Skills

Children with poor working memory often struggle to meet the demands of many classroom activities. Remembering and retaining information is vital if learners are to fulfil their potential. TOTAL RECALL involves acquiring new knowledge and skills that will ensure that all learning can be maximised.

Learners will confidently and effectively be able to remember more information. They will successfully demonstrate their new-found skills in a matter of minutes!

Teachers will immediately add these techniques into their teaching toolbox safe in the knowledge that every single learner can benefit!

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